Here's some feedback from some of our existing customers

Paul Cragg

Allocate online booking software provides sophisticated technical features and good support together with a pricing model that represents great value. I couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome and equally delighted to recommend Allocate. We run a camp site near London called Wowo. We couldn’t find any camping specific online booking software that had the features we required. 

After a couple of false starts we were introduced to Allocate and the team. The Allocate team helped us with our Internet Merchant account and a SagePay Payment gateway account, with these and Allocate setup we were ready to take bookings and receive payment, that was in January 2010, over 5000 bookings ago! We used to manually transfer the consolidated transactions into Quickbooks financial accounting software, with Allocate we are now migrated and linked to two hosted solutions Xero accounts and Capsule CRM. These allow us to drive out costs by automating our data transactions and equally as important, give us all the customer information to most effectively manage our marketing and sales. Allocate software fits in between software designed for large hotel chains that has the functionality you need but you simply can’t afford and small hotel, bed and breakfast type software that you can afford but won’t have the functionality you need.